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BEATHA & SLAINTE TEORANTA, trading as the Second Look Project, was founded in 2002.

The Charity’s main objectives are to educate the public on the inherent value of human life from conception to natural death and on why it merits protection, by disseminating information on relevant existing research, or promoting original research, on issues relating to the protection of human life.

To achieve these objectives, it will keep a library of relevant studies on everything relating to the protection of human life, legal, social, medical, political and educational, help financially initiatives that further its objectives, help publish books that promote the value of human life et cetera.

In the past the Project has been involved in organising and funding lectures and seminars in association with other groups and organising opinion polls showing public support for the protection of human life. It also studies medical ethics, bio-ethics and bio-medical ethics, indeed anything that would aid or assist those fighting to defend human life from whatever walk of life they come.

The Second Look Project is a registered Charity as well as a Company limited by guarantee and furnishes annual reports to the Companies Registration Office.

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