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Together for Yes launch their national campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment The national civil society campaign held their launch in the Rotunda on Thursday (Picture courtesy of the Union of Students in Ireland) A national civil society campaign

Some of the best sources of up-to-date info on life issues: – The coalition of Americans for Research Ethics – Answers to questions about Adult vs. Embryonic Stem Cells – and much more – Information for research on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide – The Visible Embryo is

What is wrong with the conduct of many Irish referenda

May 2018 Just after the Repeal of the 8th Amendment in May 2018, Mr Liam Weekes wrote a very informative article in The Sunday Independent, Mr. Weekes is in the Politics Department in UCC. Some intereating facts revealed are:

SLP Miscellany Comments

The overall result of the 2016 General Election was the total rejection of an arrogant Government that had legalised abortion in certain circumstances, permitted the mutilation of our Constitution and law’s and had vowed to do further damage if returned

The Abortion Act

To view or download the bill: Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018, please click this link or visit the library webpage.  What our Government is planning To have abortion on demand up to 12 weeks. To have it virtually on demand from 12 week

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